Monday, May 9, 2011

Your Web Site Needs A Headline

In direct response marketing, the headline is always the most important part of the ad. This is what gets more or fewer people to actually read your offer. The headline has to be as strong as possible and it makes all the difference.

Like any direct response ad (an ad that wants someone to do something), the headline on your web home page is key. You want your web visitor to stop surfing, stay on your site, read about your company and take action by giving you their email address. When a prospect lands on your home page, the pretty design isn't what captures their attention. It's the headline. All the web sites that don't even have one are simply wrong. And don't make the mistake of using a label instead of a headline. A headline isn't just a "heading" that tells the name of your company or describes your product or says, "Welcome to our web site."

A headline is an overt benefit statement that tells your visitor what's in it for them without platitudes, generalities or mere features. Your headline should be a statement of he unique benefits that only your company can say -- your unique selling proposition.

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