Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Apple Proves ROI For Branding

If you think leads and click-throughs are the Holy Grail of marketing, you may want to consider Apple's success. According to Millard Brown Research for the top 100 global brands, Apple is the most valued brand in the world, worth $153B, up 84% since 2010.

How did Apple do it? By creating a brand. Remember when Apple had only 10% of the computer market? What changed? Apple tuned into the needs and wants of their target audience and built excellent products that gave them what they wanted. Then, they branded, branded, branded and branded! Apple has never been concerned about leads and clicks in their marketing. Instead, they focus on creating a spectacular brand that everyone respects.

Would you like to take over your #1 competitor? Would you like to be a leader, revered and respected as #1 in your market? If so, you need to know the needs of your prospects, produce excellent products and then brand, brand, brand.

And what is still the best marketing vehicle for branding? Print! All electronic media is useful of course but print still leads for branding. Branding should still be the number one focus in a marketing campaign.

Reference: Kathi Simonsen, Simonsen Sales & Marketing

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