Friday, May 13, 2011

Data Doesn't Always Include Intelligence

I didn't come up with this commentary, but I think you'll like it.

With many marketers, they're busy collecting an abundance of data. From social media monitoring, traditional media monitoring and Google alerts -- new tools are popping up each day to help marketers collect data. As a result, marketers may be swimming in data, but that data doesn't always translate to insight, nor intelligence, let alone tracking to sales conversion.

In many areas of market research, there are growing disconnects between data gathering, data analysis, and action. There's little doubt that media lists, large datasets, and cool charts are important to understanding the media landscape. But, frankly, in the era of Google and social search, data has become a commodity.

Truly successful marketers can't just collect data. They need to learn something they don't already know by putting the information into a meaningful context and then creating a strategic plan based on that data. In short, data is only as good as the strategic mind that does something with it. Understanding that is one thing. Being able to do something about it in day-to-day business is another.

More with my next blog.
By Gary Lee, Marketingprofs

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