Friday, May 20, 2011

Apple Proves ROI For Branding - Part II

Mobile apps, social media, webinars, videos, virtual trade shows, e-newsletters and, of course, print and trade shows, all have a place in your marketing mix. The best marketing employs an integrated media approach appropriate to your marketing goals. However, you should consider where each media fits in the marketing process.

Here is brief summary of each marketing purpose:

Print: The foundation for all other marketing. It's still the best way to brand and drives traffic to your web site.

Internet: Provides information in the selection process (driven by good branding).

Social Media: Creates opportunity to build momentum.

Mobile: Timely information when done right, always on.

Trade Shows and Events: Face to face impact, easier to close, works best when branded.

Being associated with a great brand gives you credibility at all stages of the buying cycle...just like with Apple and those customers that bought iPhones, iPads and iPods.

Reference: Kathi Simonsen, Simonsen Sales & Marketing

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