Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Techniques For Lead Management Success - Part 2

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Even when you've worked with sales  to determine when a lead is ready to be contacted, there will be instances where sales has concluded that certain leads are not quite ready to engage, or sales has not followed up with these leads. 
To avoid these leads from falling into a black hole, you can implement lead recycling practices to make sure that you have a follow-up plan in place.  You should create a process based on two scenarios:
     Leads will be automatically recycled based on a set of predetermined criteria.
     Leads will be manually recycled by sales if they are not deemed ready.
Once leads get sent back to marketing, you can base sales re-engagement on a business rule, such as a lead scoring change, or sales can use its knowledge of the leads' buying interest to indicate a time-frame in which the lead should be re-engaged.
Next blog: Tip #3 - Score leads using implicit behavioral data.

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