Monday, July 13, 2015

Techniques For Lead Management Success - Part 1

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Lead management is the ability to capture, respond and manage incoming leads.  Unfortunately, many marketers don't employ clearly defined lead management practices.  And when they don't have processes in place, they risk decreased ROI, a leaky sales funnel, and poor relationships with leads and customers. 
But done right, lead management creates more educated prospects to help you better understand their
needs, and ultimately means more revenue.  So how do you do it?
Tip #1 - Work Directly With Sales To Determine When A Lead Is Ready
In order to properly create a solid lead scoring framework, work with your sales team to build criteria that determines the steps prospects should take before they are ready for a sales call.  Remember, that this needs to be agreed upon by both sales and marketing to be effective.  All leads do NOT fit into the same timeframe with the buying cycle.
Criteria should include:
     DEMOGRAPHIC INFORMATION: Geographic location. company size, etc.
     LEAD SOURCE INFORMATION: Print ad, search engine, social, offer, trade show, etc.
     BEHAVORIAL INFORMATION: Web page visits, ebook download, webinar attendance, etc.

Next blog: Tip #2 - Make Sure To Implement Lead Recycling Practices

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