Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Enchantment To Break Down Barriers

Having a great product is one thing, but your company needs to thoroughly enchant its customers to be truly successful. The more innovative the product or service, the more you need enchantment. In a perfect world, just a great product would have the world beating the path to your door, but it doesn't work like that. Creating an enchanting brand requires authenticity, trying to help users, and trying to see the world from the customer's perspective.
Enchantment is a key to breaking down barriers that can hold your business back. Identify key elements that create enchantment for buyers who aren't eager to convert. No one sets out to build a product or company hoping or knowing people will hate it. You want your product or service to be embraced. To make this happen, you have to not only consider the qualities that make your product or service a joy to use. Its also about how you market it after the fact.
So now that you have a product or service with depth, completeness to make buyers more productive, "give them peace of mind."  What's next? How do you actively enchant when it's out on the market?
Do a pre-mortem, not a post-mortem.  The term "post-mortem" has become the norm for many marketers to analyze what went right, what went wrong, what could be done better. A post-mortem is something you do after something dies to make you feel better.  The problem with this: It's too late. If it doesn't go well, a post-mortem can turn into a bunch of finger-pointing and anger.
When you do a pre-mortem, you ask your team, "Let's pretend that our product, or our company has failed. We failed. Now, what are all the possible reasons we failed?" Maybe it was the lack of distribution, an unsophisticated sales force, an unreliable product, or inefficient technical support. Whatever it is, you come up with all of the reasons. And then, in an unemotional way, you talk about how you can eliminate each of these reasons. This is a very different conversation.  Do a pre-mortem so you never have to do an actual post-mortem.
Once your product is out in the wild, its success rests largely on marketing.  And enchantment should be your marketing team's wheelhouse to break down barriers of resistance. You need to explain your product, why it's needed and why it's "lovable."

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