Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Advantages Of Print

If you believe that print is dead, you didn't get the memo. Recent research shows that print advertising campaigns combining internet advertising achieve up to 25 percent higher response.
Print has some characteristics that the web simply can't match.  Six reasons follow though you may think of even more.

Targeted Marketing: Magazines offer the ability to target a specific demographic. Advertisers can target subscribers that B2B magazines qualify by industry segment, job title and more.

Print Ads Have High Retention Rates: Magazine ads can be viewed in a single glance and don't require scrolling or clicking through. When people read offline, they tend to have longer attention spans. Web reading is useful for gathering quick blurbs of information, but people pay more attention to what they are reading with print. For this reason, buyers tend to remember more of what they read (and see) in print.

Brand Marketing With Print: Because print ads are inherently visual, graphics and text can be used to convey an emotional response to create brand  recognition.

Print Has Authenticity: Sure, getting a case history or some other kind of editorial in a magazine's web site is a big deal.  But it's an even bigger deal for that story to appear in print.  Print has a tangibility that doesn't exist with the web. On a more personal scale, marrying the solidity of print to the convenience of the web strengthens both media.

Print Readers Are Focused: If you're browsing the web with six tabs open and watching TV in the background, you may not be that receptive to all the advertising going on around you. But if you're reading a magazine, you're generally focused on just that. Most of the time someone reading a magazine is not multitasking.

Sometimes Unplugging Is Very Appealing: We're creatures of our tech-saturated times, and that's not going to change. However, people are starting to see the value of occasionally unplugging themselves from their devices and the web.

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