Monday, February 20, 2017

Improve Your Lead Nurturing Strategy - Part II

 Your lead nurture efforts should include qualitative and well as quantitative goals -- what business outcomes do you hope to get from setting up a lead nurture program?  Consider the following qualitative goals:

Convert sales inquiries to qualified prospects over time.

Move your prospects through their buying process at an accelerated pace.

Engage in conversations with your prospects.

Qualify and collect more information from inbound leads.

Educate and build trust among existing leads.

Stay in touch with existing leads so they call on your company when the need arises.

Acquire more business from current customers.

Turn dormant leads to active leads.

Increase sales productivity by distributing only sales ready leads.

Depending on your unique business case, choose some of these goals or set your own.  Setting these overall qualitative goals for your lead nurturing campaigns will help you make better decisions on timing, frequency, segmentation and offer strategy.

In addition to creating qualitative objectives, be sure to set goals that are quantitative - those that you can measure. Even if you aren't sure what your metrics should be initially, setting estimates up front helps you define your program.  Quantitative metrics not only help you define success, but they help you determine the scope and scale of your overall lead nurturing efforts.

Without quantitative goals in place your lead nurturing program can lack purpose and you'll have a greater difficulty tracking your progress toward your objectives.

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