Thursday, October 1, 2015

Print or Digital - Recent Findings

August 2015 Modern Machine Shop Readership Study

 Primary reasons how Modern Machine Shop serves readers:  86.3% report that it keeps them informed of new thinking and emerging concepts; 84.9% report that it introduces to new products and processes they didn’t know about; 62.2% say it provides supplier/product information to help make purchasing decisions.

 Modern Machine Shop readers use the magazine for discovery and introduction.  79.2% visited a supplier website; 52.3% contacted a supplier for more information; and 41.7% made a purchase as a result of reading something in Modern Machine Shop.

 What makes reading a magazine like Modern Machine Shop more valuable than getting information in other ways?  Actual comments from readers:

“It’s easier to flip through a magazine and stumble on things I wasn’t looking for.”

“Exposure to new processes and products….”

“Sparks alternative ideas….”

“Stays on top of growing technology, new ideas and new processes…”

“Presents information that I would never be able to gather myself.”

“It’s laying on my desk where I can pick it up at any time or take home with me to read.”

“It’s something I can bring home and read at night and not feel bad about taking up work time.”

“Take it with you, no power needed, quick to browse items of interest.”

“Paper is nicer for break room or to bring home to read.”

2015 Media Usage Survey, Gardner Research

 Manufacturers are significantly more likely to select search returns featuring brands they recognize (93%) to brands they are not familiar with (31%).  Brand impression is the single most important factor impacting the

Manufacturing buying cycle.

Early in the buying cycle, push media such as magazines introduce prospects to information and products they do not know they need. 

What type of trade magazine delivery do you prefer: print magazine (55%); digital magazine (22%);
e-newsletter (15%); website (8%).


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