Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Let's Define Branding

Branding is an elusive term but can be defined as your company's most prized possession. As technologies change and competition grows, the one quality that endures is your brand. It lives much longer than any founder.
So, just what is a brand?  Is it your logo, your tag line, packaging or the look and feel of your ads and your website? While each helps deliver your branding message, none alone is your brand. Your brand is a result of constant reinforcement of distinctive core benefit that your company and product delivers to your customers.
What seperates great brands from the rest? Strong and impressive consistency over time.  The best brands exhibit consistency in their promise and consistency in their core brand message. They also demonstrate consistency in delivering on that promise -- at every touch point and with every customer encounter.
Branding Defined
Your brand resides within the hearts (feelings) and minds (intellect) of your customers and prospects. It is the sum total of the product and experience and perceptions, some of which you can influence, and some you cannot.
A successful brand separates you from your competitors, in a unique way, that is relevant and motivating to your customers, prospects and channels. It gives you value and makes you special!
A successful brand enhances your perceived value, thereby supporting premium pricing, sheltering you from low price competition. 
Remember, brands happen, with or without you. It is up to you to be pro-active in shaping the identity and strength of your brand image.

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