Friday, August 31, 2012

It Starts Here - With A Magazine

You can find this Derek Korn, Senior Editor, commentary in the September issue of Modern Machine Shop, but I think exerpts are worth repeating to highlight the value of a print magazine to deliver fresh ideas to your customers and prospects.

Pete Zelinski's own column conveys how video is becoming an increasingly valuable tool for presenting new machining concepts. That’s true, but our magazine, with its monthly batch of original articles, remains the best medium for introducing fresh ideas for shop owners and managers to consider. In short, the magazine is a mechanism for discovery that helps you refine subsequent online research. Besides, you can’t Google for something you don’t know exists.

Our continued focus on developing a good deal of (what we hope is) compelling content for the magazine and delivering it to loyal subscribers each month is reflected in the fact that this issue contains five feature articles profiling 13 shops. Plus, the timely topics we address this month examine key issues facing many of today’s shops as well as emerging technologies that can make shops more effective and efficient.

Our efforts in developing articles such as the features in the September issue feed our various electronic channels—there isn’t a Modern Machine Shop website, video collection, e-newsletter or blog without the work that goes into this magazine. Our various communication channels complement each other, but it all starts with the magazine.

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