Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Evolving Your Marketing Model

With increased attention on our customers and markets, traditional models of product marketing become less relevant. In fact, if we continue to operate according to the older models, we risk turning our marketing approach into a repetitive process that offers little capacity to differentiate in an evolving marketplace.

Market studies show that based on both anecdotal and measured outcomes, a significant and positive correlation can be achieved when a firm organizes its marketing model to be more market- and solutions-focused. This positive correlation exists regardless of market conditions. Recognizing the promise of a market-driven, solutions-oriented model, companies have begun to shift away from the long-recognized “4 P’s” marketing approach, which is focused on product,
promotion, price and place to organize the elements of marketing. The new model focuses on the solution, the customer needs and the market environment.

Reprinted from July 2012 Metalworking Marketer, Eduardo Conrado, Motorola Solutions

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