Tuesday, September 27, 2011

When A Prospect Isn't Ready To Buy

Does this happen to you? Everytime you try to do web research, it seems like you are immediately bombarded by salespeople looking to close a deal. It doesn't matter if you are only doing research. You get the same result -- lots of people wanting to get your requirements and send a quote.
This happens when lead-management programs make the mistake of treating all prospects as if they're ready to make a purchase right away. So, how can you set your company apart from the rest -- and prove a valuable resource in a prospect's research process?
Give as much -- if not more -- than you take. Prospects need a reason and benefit to share their goals and needs with you. They also need some assurance that their information won't be used for "evil."
Tailor your communication for each prospect. Make it clear that you're responding to a specific question or action. Each action should be traced back to a specific past behavior of the prospect.
The point: You'll earn the most goodwill (and, potentially, close the biggest sales) if you give the prospect exactly what he wants during the research process.

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