Wednesday, August 24, 2011

How To Improve Offers (Calls To Action)

Last of a three-part series...

1. Make sure your offers are compelling. Your offer should answer the question: "What's in it for me." Things like pricing brochures, specs, and self-promotional videos are not compelling offers because they do not answer that question. Informational items like whitepapers, guides, and webinars are compelling.

2. Link back to your site in your offer. Although lead nurturing is a very powerful tool, provide a way for your leads to find you again besides through email. If they enjoyed your whitepaper, make it easy for them to remember where they got this valuable information by linking to your site on the cover page.

3. Create offers for every stage of the buying cycle. Just like your forms might vary for each phase of the buying cycle, your offers should as well. Someone at the top of the buying cycle may be more interested in an informational piece like a guide, whereas someone more committed at the bottom of the cycle might be more interested in a free trial or demo. You don't need to pick and choose. Create offers for each phase, and include a primary or secondary call to action to these various pages throughout your site.

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