Monday, April 25, 2011

Why Most Web Sites Don't Work

Web sites should work like direct response ads. Unfortunately, too many web sites look like they're competing for a design award -- at the expense of making sales. In fact, more than half the battle is understanding the right question to ask. "How can I make my web site better?" is not the right question. Neither is "How can I improve the design."

The real purpose of a web site should be one thing and one thing only: To capture as many leads as possible as a percentage of all site visitors. With far too many web sites, you can look at them and know they are not capturing as many leads as possible. How? Because the web site does not even invite a response -- at all. In other words, many web site developers seem to want to limit themselves to only talking to prospects who absolutely, positively want to buy from them right then.

On the contrary, web sites should invite prospects to take a small step to get more information and begin a new relationship.

Step One With My Next Blog: Focus on getting a response.

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