Monday, February 28, 2011

How do prospects react to your web site?

Is your web site informational and organized with smooth navigation that makes it easy for prospects to find the information they need? Or, do they get frustrated and leave your site? We've all visited those really bad web sites that instantly turn us off....and then we click off.

A great web site should be easy and quick to navigate. Speed is so important because it reduces frustration and helps prospects get to your content quickly. Your visitors need to be able to find their way around your web site easily or they will leave. Make sure to link all your pages together on each and every page using the top menu bar so they can be found quickly. Your contact information should also be included on each and every page.

Keep your web site simple. The latest flash, scrolling text boxes or moving banners won't impress anyone except maybe you and they will only slow down your site. The simpler the site, the quicker it will load and the better your prospects' experience. The "skip intro" button is the most clicked on button on the web for a reason.

On the Internet, sharing information has become so easy it's expected. Create a unique and original web site worth visiting, that solves prospects' problems and they will come back to visit again.

Teach and entertain your prospects.

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