Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Web Content

Buyers Crave Content

Buyers crave useful, relevant content to justify buying decisions. It's up to you to provide valuable content to help buyers make informed business decisions. Take stock of your current content and map it to your audience needs. Then, fill in any gaps. Maybe analytical buyers don't understand your approach to solving a problem. That might call for a case study. You don't have to start from the beginning when developing content. Often you can repurpose content to use across several media. For example, a whitepaper can become a webinar and later a video. Or, a technical article can be repurposed into a series of blog entries.

Users Want A Multimedia Experience

As with most audiences, your prospects and customers are now reading and watching and listening to online content. Take advantage of this trend by offering more that just words on a screen. You have plenty of source material to create videos. You can record interviews, product demos and presentations--delivering anything from expert analysis and advice to product announcements. And don't forget to promote your videos everywhere you can--on web sites and blogs using links and banners and via email and social media.

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