Monday, July 15, 2013

Five Things Good For Your Web Site

 Detailed Product Information: Your customers and prospects want to see up-to-date and comprehensive product information that is well organized, filled with product details and technical specifications to allow for product comparisons. The vast majority of your audience comes to your Web site to discover if and how your products can meet their needs.
Offers and Landing Pages: Your Web site visitors crave information that will help them do their jobs more effectively. Your job is to offer white papers, technical articles, application notes and other educational content. Sprinkle offers on relevant pages throughout your Web site and send prospects to specific landing pages that describe the offer in more detail to capture prospect information to generate leads.
Consistent Page Design: Keep your visitors on track and avoid confusion by adhering to consistent page design. Navigation menus should appear in the same place on every page, usually across the top or down the side, or both if your site has multiple levels of hierarchy.  A user-friendly design may use a wider column for the main content and a narrower column for secondary content. Make sure your headings, font size and typeface are consistent too.
Contact Features: Because one of the primary goals of your Web site is to capture lead information, you must make it easy for prospects to contact you. A good idea is to have a phone number and email address on every page, plus a link in the navigation menu to a Contact Us page.  Landing pages should include forms as well as phone numbers and email addresses to give users multiple options for contacting you.
Basic Search Engine Optimation: Almost every site can benefit from basic SEO techniques to help drive more qualified traffic from search engines for specific keyword searches.  Make use of page titles, description meta tags, keywords in page copy, site maps and simple HTML pages to make your Web pages more search engine friendly.
Next time, five bad things to avoid for your Web site.

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