Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Think Like A Business To Consumer Marketer - Part II

B2B marketers have a rich, complex and high-pressure job to do in a very dynamic and noisy world. Those that do it well are rewarded with real growth and shareholder value gains. 

But how do you think like a business to consumer marketer -- but with a twist?

First, you must understand that building a memorable brand perception is critical, but also to understand:

Exactly who the prospect is and who or what influences that buyer.

The key elements of a purchase decision and how to create messaging that addresses those elements.

The content, best-practices and case studies necessary to remove the risk of the decision.

How to distribute messages and content to targeted decision makers, influencers and peers with enough frequency to move the needle.

What tips can B2B marketers follow to start thinking more like their B2C colleagues?  Five strategies follow that can be implemented right away.

Create great brand recall. The first step in any B2B marketing campaign is to create brand messages and campaigns that will "stick with" potential buyers long after they see the ads or marketing messages. Get creative and try new messages and slogans to make your brand stand out from the crowd and target them specifically to your audiences.  Finally, always be branding! Creating brand recall isn't a single campaign -- it's an always on tactic.

Know your audience. Thinking like a B2C marketer doesn't mean treating your audience like general consumers. Your audience is made up of business professionals looking to make the most economical, risk-adverse, and high-value purchases for their companies. Always keep their needs and risks in mind when considering marketing strategies.

Use visuals to sell your product. People remember images long after they remember words. Make sure your campaigns are splashy, memorable and interactive. 

Maintain creative consistency. Trying new creative ideas is fine, but make sure they're consistent across your marketing campaigns, including paid ads, social media, sales sheets, webinars, white papers and your website.

Be human. Your audience may be businesspeople, but that doesn't mean they are robots who don't enjoy a laugh or a personal touch. Make sure your marketing materials speak to the human side of the business world. In a world where most B2B campaigns are boring, a more human touch will make your campaign stand out.

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