Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Your Expert May Be Killing Your Website Content

I've wondered why so many companies have such a hard time embracing content marketing, and why so many fail to successfully implement marketing automation.

I recently discovered some answers, by accident, from two sources that couldn't be more different.

The first source was a client who has achieved tremendous success with her marketing efforts, but she was lamenting her inability to reach the next level by producing greater amounts of content (particularly articles and white papers). The reason? Their CEO is the expert, and since he doesn't have the time to meet with her...she can't create the content.

The second source was an article about a company failing at marketing automation. The article essentially sites the same issue as my client: insufficient bandwidth to create content. And because the company serves a high niche market, it couldn't rely on an outside agency to write content.

Next time: First of three steps you can take to reap all the benefits of content marketing.

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