Friday, July 8, 2011

The Impact Of Media On Industrial Marketing - Part I

The capital equipment buying cycle is the core for your own marketing strategy. It defines the steps and stages industrial prospects follow as they research, compare, scrutinize and select technologies for their manufacturing enterprise.

Created by AJ Sweatt with Gardner Publications back in 1998, the steps of this buying cycle have remained virtually unchanged throughout the industrial age. While media and communications options have evolved to make prospects' journey through this cycle more efficient, they've remained consistent in following these steps in order. And, specific media have unique influential strengths on prospects, depending on where they are in the buying cycle.

Push Media: Magazines, email, direct mail introduce prospects to things they didn't know they need (i.e. discovery).

Pull Media: Your website, elements of trade shows, industry/technical websites serve prospects that already know what they need, but aren't sure where to get it/them.

Next post, but what has social media done to this equation and media's overall role in the buying cycle?

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