Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Want more web conversions?

Reduce your visitors' anxiety.

Quite simply, concerns about the quality of your products (or service) and credibility of your company can lead to visitors' anxiety as they visit your web site. Does anxiety emerge as vistors ask, "Who are these guys?" or "Why should I consider them experts?"

If your conversion goal is to get visitors to reach out for more information by email, a web inquiry form or even by phone, how can you double or triple conversion by alleviating visitor anxiety?

There are several things you can do to relieve anxiety caused by questionable perception of the quality of your products or service:

* Testimonials

* Third party ratings and awards

* Higher quaility photos if appropriate

* Satisfaction guarantees

* Helpful answers to frequently asked questions

But I'm still not too sure about your company.

As visitors want to know who they're buying from, consider the following:

* Clearly displayed phone number and business address

* An "About Us" page

* Third party press coverage

* Photos of physical offices and executives

* Associations, affiliations, organizations

* A landing page that offers thought leadership papers

Remember, anxiety is just on of the factors for improving conversion. Just remember the end objective -- to systematically increase your conversion rate to get a greater return on your hard earned search traffic. Rather than just counting numbers of visitors to your web site, adopt conversion principles and methods to relieve some of your visitors' anxiety.

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