Thursday, April 1, 2010

Seven Basic Tips To Improve Your Web Site

Web navigation should be flushed out during the design phase.

The back button is a huge indicator of bad design.

Don't be too proud of the amount of time visitors spend on your web site. They might simply be lost.

Users don't read web sites. They scan. Words are not as important as visuals.
Images, from photographs to videos, can bring your company's values to life.

Never say you've finished your web site. It should evolve. Remove anything redundant, outdated, or trivial on an ongoing basis.

Fixing problems in the development phase or redesign process costs ten time more in the design phase. Addressing problems after the release can cost 100 times more than in the design phase.

Finally, get top management buy-in to your web site by having them participate in the usability testing.

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